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Hello Friends!

My name is Brenda Stallings ORourke LMT Reiki Master and Trance Therapist... Thank you for visiting my site and getting more information on how working together we can help you have a better state of wellness and realign your energy to promote more happiness with in your life. 

I am grateful for your visit here today! Take a look around and if you have any questions contact me via text, call or a message on here.. 

Weekend Appointments Available!!

I am constantly searching for new techniques that help make my clients feel AWESOME! I love learning so I actively find classes or articles that give me information to bring to you! I mix all modalities to give a well balanced session.

Massage has been my passion for years, and once I tried hypnosis and allowed myself to let go of the opinions of others, I became empowered by life.  I never knew it could be so amazing!!!!

So join me on the path to releasing and and blockages to be free to live life outloud!

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